Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Minua, In Passing

From Switzerland today we have the trio known as Minua and their CD In Passing (self-released limited edition CD). The instrumentation is not the usual and the music takes excellent advantage of the sonarities available to the three instruments. Fabian Willmann is on bass clarinet, and on electric guitars are Kristinn Smari Kristinsson and Luca Aaron.

This is very much a composed music with the immediacy of improvisation; the compositional structures dominate in excellent ways. Kristinn gives us three compositions; Luca and Fabian each provide two.

They are contemporary sounding works that alternate between rock-influenced new music and more introspective and sound color avantness. There is a special memorability and melodiousness throughout. The two guitars work together with the bass clarinet extraordinarily well. This is a group music, a chamber sort of ensemble that isn't afraid to throw in guitar ambient psychedelic feedback tones or a series of power chords.

There is something very different about the end result. Beautiful blends, excellent musicianship, and sometimes startling lyricism. And the way the roles of each instrument shift with every composition shows real creativity and artistry.

At the bottom may be an ECM sort of ambiance, but very original and extended.

Minua makes some really worthwhile music on In Passing. Get this one now while you can. I look very much forward to more! Go to Bandcamp to order.

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