Friday, August 21, 2015

The Dreaming Tree, Silverfade

If you search around for it, and you care to hear new and interesting bands in the alt-prog zone, there are such things. A good example that has come my way is the band Dreaming Tree and their CD Silverfade (BOMTOT CD004).

It's new, song-centric rock with well-crafted guitar-keys-bass-drums-vocal arrangements and tunes that have some definite musical punch. The vocals are straightforwardly musical, the guitarist has some great power chord parts and can get in some effective short solo work, the keys have an important role that goes along with the style, and the bass-drums rhythm team kick ahead on the figures built into the arrangements and get a nice leverage that the lead guitar hits on with them much of the time.

It has a bit of a metal edge to it between the song-form moments. And it all comes across as quite musical and nicely executed.

They don't quite sound like they are in the wayback retro mode. This is an extension on classic rock elements, not a hearkening back. And so for that it is about the new growth from a venerable tree, so to speak.

Anyone who digs classic prog with an edge will find this one a new twist on it all. Something worthwhile! And so I close out the week of reviews on my three blogs while wishing you good times ahead. I'll be back Monday with more.

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