Tuesday, April 19, 2016

SkyTalk, Days in the Sun

A new prog band, SkyTalk, debuts on the recent EP Days in the Sun (self-released). It's Jordon and Talor Steinberg, twin brothers, plus Dan "Ello" Costello. Ello plays the drums, the brothers guitar and bass. They met at SUNY Purchase and found they meshed quickly and well. They wrote the five songs on the EP as they jammed and further refined each their own role in the band.

The result is some elaborately stunning prog with some excellent guitar-bass-drum interactions. The songs get elaborate prog arrangements, some great guitar solos and a sound that hearkens back to classical prog but does NOT sound like any of it exactly. This is original.

The vocals do what they do appropriately but I am very much taken with what the instrumental parts are about, especially.  This is quite nicely done. SkyTalk may be poised on the edge of something very great. As it is they are a band to take notice of. Check out this EP!

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