Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ana Moura Live: "Coliseu" Showcases the Fado Songbird

I am tempted to begin with the statement that vocalist Ana Moura is a Portuguese National Treasure. That would be a bit cliche but not untrue. Her voice exudes the warmth and beauty of a master-singer, and such she is. The musical art form of Fado goes back centuries. Her advent ensures that it will not be disappearing any time soon. It's a song form for voice and string instruments, with lyrics filled with an exquisite melancholy that can be savored like a fine port. In the hands of a singer like Ana Moura the feelings and expressiveness of the voice brings the meaning of the worlds even to those who do not know the language. She is one-in-a-generation in her vocal artistry.

Nowhere is this more clear than on her new live CD Coliseu (World Village 468103) Beautiful songs, beautiful singing, beautiful guitar accompaniment, and the immediacy of an intimate live engagement.

Highly recommended.

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