Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Northern-Spy's "Clandestine" Series of Cassette Releases, Number One

Today we have something different. Different than what? In a way everything I cover on these pages is something at least a little different, otherwise why cover it? But the Northern-Spy Clandestine Series, Number One is different even by the usual yardsticks.

It is post-whatever (you fill in the term) music. There are four pieces by four artists. It is released as a 150 copy run on cassette (and I am sorry to say that the cassette is already sold out, but the download as MP3 or FLAC is still available). It is music that has an electric and even electronic flavor to it. There are twenty-something minutes of music total. It flies by and there is no wasted space.

Who are the artists? They are bonifide members of today's underground scene. Yes, there is one. Messages is an electronic conflagration that gives you some atmospherics that in part sound like retro commentary on '50s electronic music (and I do like that). There's guitarist Tom Carter doing a psychedelic sort of soundscape. There's Zaimph (Marcia Bassett) doing a droner thing and someone the press release assures me is an "avant folk" legend, one Loren Connors (and since I don't get the chance to do much avant folk listening, much as I'd like to, that is cool with me) in duet with bassist Margarida Garcia.

What matters as ever is the music. And this is DIFFERENT music. It is a good listen. Recommended.

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