Monday, April 19, 2010

ArpLine Self-Releases "Travel Book"

With artists taking on (often initially) the promotion and distribution of their releases over the net, listeners get the chance to hear good music that might not otherwise get a start in the whirlwind of today's information overload. That is certainly the case with the band ArpLine and their album Travel Book (No Label).

You can log onto their site and "pay whatever you want" for this music. There are some bands out there where this strategy would be no help, since after all mediocre music whether $1 or $100 isn't worth anyone's trouble. That's not true with Travel Book. It's a memorable collation of good melodies and singing with interesting and unusual musical tracks. There's a modern industrial aspect to it, as there is an update on psychedelic sounds. But those are only labels. Listen to the pulsating motor machine underpinning on "Fold Up Like A Piece of Paper" and its contrasting vocal line and you may well become an ArpLine believer. The album is filled with such interesting goodies. They take chances to get a sound that stands out over the many others out there. Sam Tyndall writes the songs and sings the lead vocals. He also shares the programming of altered and electronic sounds with drummer Michael Chap Resnick. It's the overall matrix of tones and colors that most impresses me.

ArpLine deserves your support. Download this album and you'll find an original take on what can be done these days, well put-together.

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