Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Cave Singers Explore Folk-Roots Indie Rock

The alt-indie scene can be exhilarating. Truly anything goes. Anything can be revisited and transformed. Anything can be appropriated, de-appropriated, combined with anything else. . . .

Into this open environment springs The Cave Singers and their recent release Welcome Joy (Matador). They play a kind of folk-infused, rootsy acoustic-electric rock that has a modified deja vu feel. Yes, we've been to similar places before, but not THIS place exactly.

It's a guitar-centered, vocally rough-hewn, originals-oriented band. And it comes together in a way that makes listening a good thing (and with all the music I plow through weekly, I appreciate that!)

They have a direct approach and it communicates. The songs have interest. The band has interest. What more?

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