Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fred Fried and His Nylon Eight-Stringed Guitar

Fred Fried. He's a guitarist of subtle finesse, beautiful voicings, attractive compositions and a very together trio (Fred Fried and Core). What I take is their third album, Core 3.0 (Ballet Tree), is a genuine winner.

Mr. Fried goes for the lush sound, a sometimes rhythmic post-bossa way of chording and an emphasis on the music that thrives in the moment yet has plenty of structure. He's not somebody who creates rapid fire 32nd note runs. Instead he makes the most of the possibilities of the eight-string to give out with a very full sound.

The trio includes solid contributions from Michael Lavoie on bass (with some interesting solo spots) and Miki Matsuki, drums, a cooker of quiet intensity. Fred Fried is the main voice however and that's just great, given what he plays on these numbers.

From start to finish Core 3.0 gets into a lovely zone and stays there. This will appeal to enthusiasts of the jazz guitar and since it is is so well done, just about anyone else who seeks the meaty musicality with the mellow.

This is the finest album I've heard by Fred. Get it and you'll wish you played like him. I did.

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