Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ana Popovic, An Evening at Trasimeno Lake DVD

Ana Popovic plays some mean blues-rock guitar. And her voice is strong, a little like early Bonnie Raitt in the growl and fire department. If you already know this, then you'll have some idea what her recent DVD An Evening at Trasimeno Lake (ArtisteXclusive 001) is like.

Ms. Popovic puts on a good show. And that's what she does for this full DVD of a night (two plus hours) at Italy's beautiful Trasimeno Lake. She uses an eight-piece lineup for some of the numbers; other times it's her working quartet and they put it all together with her.

Most of the time she presides from the stage with her Strat, and gets off some hot licks; she also plays several numbers on an acoustic. Either way she pleases.

The songs are strong, the sound mix is quite good, the atmosphere is dynamic and the camera work is very well sequenced.

Is this blues, you might ask? From a strictly academic viewpoint, some of the songs are blues, many are blues-drenched rock numbers. It's the chord changes that don't always fall in line with traditional blues form. It's all in the categories we use, and what counts ultimately is the music, right? So if you don't expect Muddy Waters and listen to the music on its own terms, you'll be fine.

This gives you a very good introduction to Ana playing and singing the songs from a good cross-section of her book. Confirmed converts to the Popovic sound will also no doubt appreciate this one. It's a good way to while away a couple of hours. Recommended.

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