Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Information Superhighway, Definitely Not the Ending!

Information Superhighway is a Chicago-based advanced rock outfit (post-prog? prog?). They are distinguished by the very engaging vocal style of Leslie Beukelman and the musical vision of composer/guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Rob Clearfield. Their second album This is Not the Ending ( has been playing in my space for about a week and I must say I am taken with it.

They draw on the longer forms that prog rock traditionally addresses, but there are contemporary strains in there, some space, odd meters and other influences that are skilfully integrated into their own personal amalgam.

Leslie sings like a songbird; Rob writes and arranges with a flair; the four-person lineup delivers a sound with musicianship and drive. The original drummer left after this album was completed. The new lineup has a free live download recording you can get at the bandcamp address listed above. I have not listened to that yet.

This is Not the Ending has much to like about it. They are a free-ranging outfit and they clearly have talent. You can grab the album at CD Baby and you should if you'd like to hear something new and exemplary in the prog to fusion to alt nexus. Seriously good.

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