Thursday, February 17, 2011

Violeta de Outono: Vol 7, Brazilian Prog Rockers

Fabio Golfetti, guitarist, vocalist, and songster, heads Brazil's Violeta de Outono for a seventh album (Volume 7 [Voiceprint Brazil 123CD]). Since I don't follow the Brazilian rock world I come to them for the first time. That doesn't stop me from liking what I hear.

It's classic prog with a definite retro flavor. The lineup involves the organ-synth, bass, drums and guitar configuration. They can sound a bit like early-mid Pink Floyd (with a hint of the sound of Meddle or Ummagumma), especially with the space slide guitar work of Golfetti, which only means that song form can be accompanied by longer atmospherical space oddities.

They take on the sound with their own energies, an un-selfconscious commitment to their version of the style complex. There are a couple of longer space jams and some shorter, more pithy FM psychedelic-garage-prog nuggets.

If you went through the music of the late-sixties and still like it I think this one will be a most pleasant return for you. If you are younger and missed the original phase this will still give you something to center your attention on. And if you don't like prog I can't help you out with this. Not everything is for everyone.

I found this one quite worth hearing. It's worthy retro-prog that will probably stymie the most fanatical devotees in a blindfold test. You'll swear you've heard this band before, but then you'll doubtless find enough new to get into that you wont care whether you have or have not.

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