Friday, February 4, 2011

Tomas Michaud Plays New (Age?) Flamenco

Tomas Michaud plays in a style that is most certainly related to flamenco. But it isn't flamenco. He wields the classical acoustic guitar, he plays in minor modes much of the time, and some of the flamenco technique is there. Otherwise, well, what he does on the last CD, Beauty and Fire (Starland Music) is a kind of instrumental music. It has some "world" aspects--a tabla, a hand drum, etc. It is music designed not to rattle the brain. It is music you might hear piped through the phone when you are on hold for an hour and ready to flip.

So what is it? Dare I say that the "s" word (smooth) and the n.a. words (new age) come to mind? Jazz? Not exactly, though Tomas does a little in the obbligato department and he gets a glorious tone.

Just think of it as well arranged instrumental guitar music with a flamenco influence. His playing is quite pleasing.

It's Muzac, yes. But it is very nice Muzac.


  1. Hi Grego,
    Thanks for the honest review. I agree - my music it's not jazz, not flamenco (but influenced). Probably Muzac - but nice Muzac.

  2. Hi Tomas,

    Categories are just that. It is music I would have been proud to make and it brings lots of pleasure. In the end that is what counts to me.

    Thanks for posting Tomas and keep on making those good sounds!