Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Opening: Lively Prog From The CloverSeeds

French prog rockers The CloverSeeds hit American audiences for the first time with The Opening (Laser's Edge). It is actually their second full album, the first to be released here.

What they are is a band that does directly emotional material with the clout of metal but the expansive soundstage, long sustain and layering of prog rock. Vocals are strong in a youthful sort of way and the songs have something to them.

This is an excellent band that happens to sound great on disc, thanks to state-of-the-art rock production values advocated by producer Christian Moschius. The guitars are in the driver's seat. A slightly macabre darkness and melancholy prevails.

If those traits are ones you find agreeable, you will most likely find CloverSeeds to your liking. This album does not stint on musical content or rely on formulaic twitches and ticks. They are the real thing.

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