Monday, November 28, 2011

Gojogo, "28,000 Days": Melodic World Quasi-Fusion?

Not everything I hear I've heard anything about before I do. Gojogo is one such group. Who are they? It started as a project of violinist Sarah Jo Zaharako and engineer Elias Reitz. They were joined by guitarist Roger Reidlbauer and acoustic bassist Eric Perney. Reitz does a good job with hand percussion and sampling. It is their recent, third album I am addressing today, 28,000 Days (PFR Porto Franco 029). According to my calculator, 28,000 days is about 77 years, a typical lifespan. Just thought you'd want to know.

They are a rather exploratory band using folkish and classical violin prowess with some neo-psychedelic guitar and ethnic/Indian-to-fusion-style melodic influences and rhythm section work. I wouldn't say they sound like Oregon; but they do have some venn-diagram-type overlaps in the style arena. Melody is at the front and some vibrant rhythmic ideas. I like this one. I like it for the music. I don't think it's especially important as "jazz" or for its improvisations, though there are some violin and guitar moments that are just fine for that. But it's good music. That's the point. And you may get a kick out of their ethnicized version of "Bali Ha'i".

New Agers may find this to their liking but it also is substantial enough for the serious fusionist.

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