Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jukin', Another Volume in the Jukin' wit de Blues Anthology Series from Catbone

Here we have one more volume in the Jukin' wit de Blues series. It's Jukin' (Catbone CD 2006-2). As with previous volumes there is some wonderful classic blues. James Cotten, Billy Boy Arnold, Howlin Wolf, Mike Bloomfield, Jimmy Reed, and Little Richard turn in some blistering sides on well known numbers. There is one cut at the end, like in previous volumes, by one Jack Millman. It's OK bebop and doesn't belong here. But it's short and at the end, so it doesn't take away from the first 16 tunes in any way that matters.

There are gems and once again I, at least, listen and remember why I started listening to the blues in the first place. The masters had that thing going and it still sounds 100% as vital as it did then. A goodly handful is here for you if you don't know.

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