Monday, April 9, 2012

New World Beat, "After Carnival"

With a name like New World Beat, you might assume you are getting some sort of world music hybrid. Well, yes and no. In fact New World Beat's After Carnival (CDM 1001) is a kind of cross between an updated take on the sound of the Gary Burton ensemble (especially thanks to Richard Sprince's vibraphone leadership) and the compositional world-ish-lyricism-with-pulse associated with Pat Metheny (thanks to Richard Sprince's compositions-arrangements). Now that's a good thing because it is well done. Matt Vashlishan has presence on soprano and alto, Tom Lippencott on 8-string guitar, Diogo Oliviera Brown on fretless bass, and Goran Rista, drums. Then there's Cezar Santana on nylon acoustic guitar and assundry others, some guests.

You probably wouldn't want this one for your aspiring musical offspring to cut his (or her) eye teeth on (meaning it is not exactly groundbreaking [or paradigmatic as one of my profs used to say]), but is a terribly pleasant listen. Not terrible. Terribly pleasant.

It will make you smile.

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