Friday, April 20, 2012

Nick Moran Trio, No Time Like Now

The organ trio has returned, seemingly to stay. Not all of them sound like warmed over Jimmy Smith, though many do. An exception is the Nick Moran Trio on their new No Time Like Now (Manor Sound 10661-1). Think more of Charles Earland in his funk phase and that's closer to it. It's more contemporary, like on their funkified version of Cream's "Strange Brew." And there are contemporary originals here, not standards.

The trio is Nick Moran on guitar and Brad Whitley on organ, who extend and expand the tradition in creative and musically adept ways, along with the fine drumming of Chris Benham.

It really is a simple as that. This is the organ trio as a living tradition, making new jazz that has the finesse and drive of the past masters, but does not resort to copycatting.

Nick's a tasty guitar player too. Watch out for more of him and more of this. Meanwhile by all means hear No Time Like Now.

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