Monday, February 11, 2013

Dom Minasi Septet, The Bird, the Girl and the Donkey II

Dom Minasi doesn't play the guitar, when he is in a free zone, like there is a line to follow, like a drunk taking a sobriety test for the po-lice. He doubles back, clusters up, densifies, gets his small amp to harmonically distort, becomes a tunnel of electrified sound. In short, he is Dom Minasi, not somebody else, and he is an original.

You hear this and much else on his new release The Bird, The Girl and the Donkey II (UnSeen Records), and more-of-more as well.

It's a septet live, and they have a wonderful free-for-all going with collective clusterings in a meta-sense, solo power, rhythmic thrust and wash, Ascension-like climaxes and the BIG sound.

The cream of the NYC out kind of band is what it is. Dom, Matt Lavelle playing brisk, hot trumpet, and then three-reed-bliss from Blaise Siwula, Ras Moshe, and Remi Alvarez. The rhythm section gets full throttle--Albey Balgochian on bass and Jay Rosen drumming.

It's music of heat and lots to get your adrenalin pumping. Lovers of the heat-freedom need to catch it. It's New York avant at its finest. Go to Dom's site and you can get more info, listen to sample clips and order a copy.