Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kalle Kalima & K-18, Out to Lynch

Dark star film maker David Lynch always gets very appropriate music into his films/tv work. Think of the theme from "Twin Peaks". He also has an unmistakable auteur brilliance that portrays innocence and evil at the same time, with unforgettable, oftimes disturbing imagery and ambiance.

Berlin-based outside electric guitarist Kalle Kalima and his band K-18 have done a tribute to the director in Out to Lynch (TUM 030). These aren't redo-ings of soundtrack highlights so much as brand new compositions that take characters and scenes as inspiration.

The results are highly interesting. There's freedom, sometimes much electricity from the guitar, and accordion, bass, and reeds interacting with Kalle in unpredictable ways as an avant quartet. Sometimes it sounds like Meddle meets music from the nightmare cafe. Kalle's guitar work bears close listening.

It's not easily classified and must be heard a number of times to get into. Once you do that, something clearly good is going on here, you realize.

If you want different, outside and parallel Lynchian, here you have that. It is perhaps one of the most unexpected albums to come out recently!

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