Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Katherine Young's Pretty Monsters, A Heavy Skronk Bassoon, Guitar, Violin and Drum Quartet

Oh, I like this one. Pretty Monsters (Public Eyesore 120) is avant skronk metal from a very cool quartet that Katherine Young heads up--on bassoon, electronics and compositional heft!

It's an individual and unique band. Katherine gives the bassoon plenty of buzz, Erica Dicker plays some very nice heavy-out violin, Owen Stewart-Robertson skronks and runs wild in good post-Sharrockian guitar form, and Mike Pride plays just the right stuff on drums.

It's music that perhaps only Brooklyn could spawn? It's something of what makes New York improv distinct (of course only part of it). This is a band that should appear at the Stone, the Knitting Factory, and fit right in. You know, like as in "Downtown"? Maybe they have and I missed it.

There's no missing this one if you like things heavy and out, electric and off-centered, insular yet direct. OK?

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