Friday, February 8, 2013

Joe Blessett, Changing Everything

Joe Blessett? His website implies he's a smooth jazz artist. He isn't, at least on Changing Everything (self-released). By not getting to smooth he makes the wrong turn and so gets someplace hipper than that. The album has a funky veneer and some soulful alto and guitar, an attention to groove and ambiance, and it's not vapid, so doesn't seem like smooth covers it.

Marketing tip: say what you do on your recording. I assume from the website that he's playing guitar and alto here but he may well be playing all the instruments, or like Jackie Gleason's mood music albums, none. No. He's playing guitar and sax anyway.

Well now excuse me profusely while I kiss the sky but I actually like these 19 cuts. It's got enough conjoles or whatever to come across as real. It's music with some spherical heft. So more power to Joe Blessett. This is not commercial in the formulaic sense. I like that it is spaciously outside the mold (the mould too) while shooting for success. Sometimes missing the target is getting the target? Yes I think.

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