Thursday, February 7, 2013

The xx, Coexist

The xx are back with Coexist (XL Records), their second. If you already know that, bear with me. If you don't, it is a bit of an occasion. They do moody alt, songs with some haunting arrangements, female/male lead vocals that stick out. Love songs, lost songs, human sounds, sincere feeling moods.

It doesn't have the glib slickness that makes some pop alt nauseating these days. It is not formula. And there's spooky guitar and keys haunting everything.

So that's all I have to say for now about this one. It's a soundtrack to lives that aren't as secure, assured, or plan-able as maybe they used to be. And it's not casual so much either. So that's what I get from this music. It's good to hear. It fits my mood, maybe lot's of people's moods, and it does it very musically.

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