Monday, February 4, 2013

Joacim Nyberg, Solo Force, Solo Bass Improvisations

Is it true that only bass players get off on solo bass recordings? If it is, it shouldn't be. And it need not be if it is. The bass in jazz/improv is a critical piece of the music puzzle and it's never been more true that good players can do extraordinary things solo, if they are the right sort of player. The solo bass potentially holds as much interest for the listener as a solo reed, a solo piano, a solo whatever recording.

So then, Joacim Nyberg has a disk out, Solo Force, which is available in a limited edition JaZt Tapes (CD-035) CDR. He plays both solo contrabass and solo electric bass here, so that in itself puts a slightly different spin on it. He was mightily influenced by Peter Kowald, plays with cats like Mats Gustafson, Anders Gahnold, Rudi Mahall, and a piano trio with Sebastian Bergstrom.

He is young (born in 1986) and filled with spirit. This disk may not be comparable with something William Parker, Michael Bisio or Peter Kowald has done. But it is soulfully loose and limber; it is a good effort that rings true. Plus there is the solo ELECTRIC bass that gives you something different to hear. Imaginative and budding, Nyberg shows himself off respectably. I am sure time will bring more our way from him. In the meantime get an earful of this.

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