Thursday, February 21, 2013

Waves of Fury, Thirst

It's not easy sounding snotty, raw, garagy in an authentic way, punky without pretension. Try it. Waves of Fury do that on their EP Thirst (Alive Records paste into browser to get info or disk).

We have full-out rawness on this EP, with skronk guitar, pounding drums, a horn section, adenoidal teen frenzy vocals that take no prisoners. It's as if the Seeds evolved into a band capable of hitting the airwaves with all their ten-thumbed directness, with a bit more in the song department than they had later on. Or as if the early Fugs cleaned up their act. . .

Well, it's more than that. But it's freaking good for being so bad, do you know?

Has the time passed for this sort of punk-garage? Not when it's as convincing as this.

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