Friday, May 31, 2013

Jussi Reijonen, un

Forget about Gump's chocolates. Because with that you know you are getting chocolates. Life and in turn music is much more open. So getting the debut album by Jussi Reijonen in the mail some time ago, I had no idea what to expect. Un (UNCD 01) is the unexpected in the best sense. Jussi plays oud for half the album. He plays well and the music is a Mideast-Jazz fusion excursion with ensemble of both sorts of instruments that combines musical elements of both and really moves along.

The other part of the album is Jussi on electric guitar with small ensemble, meditative, thoughtful, doing an ECM space sort of version of "Naima" and original numbers, showing that Jussi is a guitarist of stature and creative-generative talent.

I wont try and describe the music fully. It is vital, engaging. Unexpected. In the best way. And not a box of chocolates either! Excellent.

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