Friday, September 12, 2014

Elias Haslanger, Live at the Gallery

Hammond jazz combos are flourishing again these days, there's no doubt about it. Like certain forms of the blues (which a good organ combo finds roots in), there is a timelessness of soul if everything works right. And since an excellent guitarist is somewhat fundamental to such an outfit, and as we have one here in Jake Langley, I am posting tenorman Elias Haslanger's hip album on this post site.

Live at the Gallery (Cherrywood) revisits some of the classic funk (first variant) numbers and a standard or two with genuine relish. Haslanger has that right-at-you directness that channels the soul and bop of the best tenors of the genre, Dexter but harder-edged, and you could name some other cats but the final synthesis and right-there quality belongs to Elias. Dr. James Polk mans the B-3, gives us all the sauce he's got. Langley comes out of Benson-Martino for his own soulful take. The rhythm section of Scott Laningham (drums) and Daniel Durham (bass) do what they should and drive things well.

So we get some very nice versions of "One for Daddy O", "Watermelon Man", "Song for My Father" and "Adam's Apple". They groove freshly. Then there are the change-of-pace standards like "In A Sentimental Mood", "I Thought About You", and "Misty" that all come off well.

It's music with the live energy that this sort of music sorely needs. Set up your own little club, even if in your head, and let this one play. You will be there.

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