Monday, September 22, 2014

Eric Revis Quartet, In Memory of Things Yet Seen

Bassist-composer-bandleader Eric Revis fields a quartet of note on In Memory of Things Yet Seen (Clean Feed 294). The music is distinguished by Eric's beautiful writing for the reeds, the interplay of fire and acute interactivity with Bill McHenry on tenor, Darius Jones on alto and, for two cuts, Branford Marsalis, the excellent drumming (and effective vibes) of Chad Taylor and, understandably, some excellent bass work from Eric.

The compositions set the bar high. They are very memorable and come back at you the more you listen. At the same time the band is primed and lucid, inspired by the numbers to get a fresh foothold on freedom-within-structure, new thing newly thinged. Darius Jones has been knocking me out lately and here he does again. But then Bill is no slouch, either. Branford is a welcome presence as guest to make it a pretty heavy three-horn front line.

I must say this disk rewards in great measure. It has everything going for it and sounds so today that it does one a heartening. This is the music of today!

Very recommended.

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