Thursday, September 18, 2014

Zvuloon Dub System, Anbessa Dub

Reggae Ethiopian-Jewish style? Why not? Tel Aviv-based Zvuloon Dub System gives us a reason why the combination can work very well. Anbessa Dub shows us how. It's a full band with rhythm and horns. Ethiopian singer Gili Yalo and the band give us reggae roots and an Ethiopian tonality that has a Jewish tinge if you listen closely.

They've been together since 2006. Yalo joined in 2009. They record in analog and the music sounds that much more warm and authentic as a result. Mahmoud Ahmed, the legendary Ethiopian soul vocalist, does the singing on one of the cuts and it is magical.

But then the whole album has a convincing sound to it. It's the real thing--yet what an unusual combination of realities is represented!

You who think this sounds interesting will dig this. Others will too if they open up to the combination. It's all very rootsy, yet sounds as fresh as anything out there.

Get it.

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