Monday, May 10, 2010

Algernon and their "Ghost Surveillance" Music

Algernon does not fit easily into a preconceived notion of what a band should be doing. It's a five-man outfit, essentially two electric guitars, vibes, bass and drums. Dave Miller, one of the guitarists, writes most of the material.

Ghost Surveillance (Cuneiform) is their latest release and it is an intriguing mix of ambient instrumental rock music. It has a progressive edge to it but goes everywhere at once. The main thrust is a fascinating group sound of vibes, guitars, synthesizers and a hip rhythm section. Now that might sound like a lot of things but the compositions have a kind of quirky individuality that sets the band apart. The melodies are strong, sort of riff oriented sometimes. It's music that has a tunefully different spin on what a band can do. Every cut is different and the arrangements are elaborate yet directly communicating.

If you want some smart prog rock, here's where you'll find it.

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