Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Jersey's Own Jam-Bone Jamband

February 9, 2009—We return to the jamband scene today for a look at a local New Jersey group. As a Jersey boy myself I have a weakness for the local scene born of territorially rooted, animal-like instincts I suppose. SO when I stumbled on a local band on the Live Music site of www.archive.org, I gave a listen. The group is Jam-Bone, essentially a power trio with some fine guitar work by one Rich Plumpton. The set I downloaded was apparently from their first gig on 2-13-03. When I look back to the archive I find they have replaced it with three other, later dates, but my attention is devoted to the earlier date since that is what I have been listening to.

First impressions when playing this download is, “OK, we have a bar band here.” And of course they are playing in such an establishment, how could they not be? As they crank into the old standby “Mustang Sally” they sound average. But then Plumpton launches into a solo and he has a very nice sound and touch. It goes from there to a version of “Scarlet Begonias” that has an even hipper jam moment. In the end this sounds like a band anyone would be happy to catch in the local context. But then they do what sound like decent originals and Plumpton is a hot guitarist for this kind of thing, so they could develop into something major. You might check out their other shows on the archive and go see them. They also have their own site: www.jam-bone.org. Happy listening.

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