Monday, July 11, 2011

Bassist Sam Trapchak's Band Put Together Funny Debuts with "Lollipopocalypse"

Bassist Sam Trapchak moved into New York City a couple of years ago after studying at Wayne State and William Paterson College. His band, Put Together Funny. debuts with a CD I must be careful to spell right, Lollipopocalypse (Raw Toast).

First off his contrabass playing has class. Whether in the ensemble or soloing he comes through in a strong and convincing way, with some of the Holland/Vitous push. His band is well chosen: Greg Ward on alto sounds very good as always. Tom Chang's guitar and Arthur Vint's drumming fit in well with Trapchak's compositional-ensemble vision and Tom C. gets some decent solo work in, often in the cosmic fuze-psych zone but also sometimes in a spacey post-Abercrombian linear mode. The compositional side of Trapchak's talents tends toward asymmetrical poly-funk with plenty in the way of ensemble counterpoint, kicks and textural/melodic-rhythmic contrasts.

This is additive-subtractive music that reminds somewhat of Dave Holland's various small groups and the Indo-Pak ensembles lead by Vijay Iyer and his associates.

Very nice job; very contemporary sounds going on; nice soloing and weighty compositional pull. Recommended. CD Baby and Trapchak's site will give you more information and/or the chance to order a copy if so inclined.

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