Friday, July 1, 2011

Guitarist Torben Waldorff Waxes Lyrical and Then Turns It Up A Bit on "American Rock Beauty"

Now I have not heard Torben Waldorff's other albums, but American Rock Beauty (Artist Share 0102) has a particular way about it that is not entirely the usual. There are some rock-fusion numbers, and a countified tune, but where everything gets interesting to my mind is on the lyrical end of things.

The band is quite solid. Young tenor saxophonist Donny McCaslin has a fluid and limber presence which distinguishes the album. Torben Waldorff puts this album in a specially good place through his singing-melodic-harmonic writing and the ringing lyricism of his guitar. He sometimes sounds Abercrombie-esque and he certainly has facility, but the times when he gets bell-like sustain and weaves beautifully expressive solos (like for example on the title cut) are times when he stands out.

Those moments are well worth the price of admission! You can only get this CD directly from Torben at his site Go there and check out the details if you are interested. He makes for worthy listening.

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