Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guitarist Andy Fite Teams with Bassist Ulf Akerhielm in "A Place to Play," 2000

We covered Andy in his comedic singer-songwriter role several weeks ago (see posting below). Today we have at A Place to Play (Other Street Ag-11) which is an all-instrumental improvisational duet with bassist Ulf Akerhielm, initially released in 2000 and available again as CD or download.

This is a very nice set of standards, originals, and jams on classic changes (including the blues). Andy does some masterful, very lightly amplified solo work on his semi-hollow, a 1950 Epiphone Broadway (which by the way sounds great).

It's a lively date with overtones of the old swing style modernized and transformed. The music, to quote Andy, reflects his "fascination with the Bach-Tristano concept of a long melodic line packed with multiple meaning." And for sure you can hear some of the Tristano-style rhythmic displacements and some very well crafted, multi-valent lines that Bach might have been tempted to join in with on organ with a version of Milt Buckner-meets-Larry Young (now that would be something)!

Ulf Akerhielm walks up a veritable storm and takes some very beautiful arco solos.

Here we have infectiously joyful music on all fronts. Those who are inclined to tap their toes will no doubt find themselves doing so. Most importantly it shows Andy Fite in a very fluid light as an inspired improviser. I suppose you can tell from this that I like it but I'll go ahead and say "recommended" anyway! By the way you can grab this music at CD Baby, i tunes, Amazon, etc.


  1. Nice that you bring up Andy's and Ulf's recording! They deserve more fame... :)
    Boel in Stockholm

  2. Yes! Thanks Boel. I agree. Greetings from just outside NY City, where we are expecting a hurricane of historic proportions...
    All the best,