Friday, August 19, 2011

Vocalist Beata Pater in a "Blue" Period

Wordless vocalise is the order of the day with Beata Pater, somewhere between Tania Marie and Flora Purim for the Brazilio-Latin zone. Her album Blue (B&B 04-09) is the second colaboration on a color theme with pianist Mark Little. It includes several rearranged classics ("Afro Blue," "Blue in Green") a few Komeda compositions and then the rest by Pater, Little or both.

This is jazzed Latin with a varied instrumentation. Beata is out front as the principal "horn," singing a great deal but staying pretty close to the head melody much of the time. There is almost too much of her. Her vocalisms are relentless. And the band gets a pretty standard groove going all too often.

It has some very nice moments and will surely be getting airplay on stations that prefer somewhat commercial sorts of jazzology. It is quite pleasant. The more I listened, the less I personally responded, alas. I like the IDEA of this music. I just don't much like listening to it. For the Komeda I am glad, for the rest I grant that it will be liked by those that will like it. I wish her success.


  1. Thank you so much for reviewing my music!!!!! It is great that you took the time to listen, write about it and support independent musicians.
    All the best, Beata

  2. Hello Beata!

    Thanks for chiming in here. It is my pleasure and I look forward to hearing more of your music.

    All the best,