Monday, June 18, 2012

Gazpacho, March of Ghosts

Following Friday's posting, we continue logically to Norwegian post-progger's album March of Ghosts (Kscope), which was created in a white-heat burst of inspiration following their tour and the resultant double CD London (see Friday's post).

This is a thematically unified package of some brilliance: art songs of a high caliber, nicely wrought arrangements, melancholy, vocals and musicianship of distinction. It's symphonic, it has some Euro-Mideast folk elements to brighten up the program and it shines with a kind of largess. High art, this is.

Based on this and the previous live album, I would have to sat that Gazpacho plies some of the most creative and interesting post-prog music today. March of Ghosts has a one-vast-work flow to it that triumphs. It's very beautiful...

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