Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hyrrokkin, Astrionics

The trio Hyrrokkin gives us a rather blown-out, exciting free-psychedelic, avant-rock set on the cassette and download release Astrionics (New Atlantis NA-CAS-001).

The trio consists of Brett Nagafuchi (drums) and Paul Larkowski (guitar, bass) who are also members of the prog-punk group Kuan. The third member of the group, Edward Ricart (guitar, bass), dedicated readers of this blog will know (maybe) is also a member of the duo free-rocking Matta Gawa.

What transpires, conspires and aspires on the 20-something EP cassette at hand is composed-improvised psycho-amplitudinous goodness. They shake it, break it, but most definitely do not fake it. It's instrumental ultra-metal heaviness without the death-rattling vocals.

Now I must say that it's not JUST that it is that. It is that in the high art zone--it's very good that, is what it is. It is a that that you might be well-advised to purchase for five bucks on cassette (rattle around on the search engine of your choice and you will find the New Atlantis site).

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