Thursday, June 28, 2012

Twin Atlantic, Free

Twin Atlantic is a Scottish hard-hitting alt band and Free (Red Bull) is their first full album. They are in the guitar-bass-drums-vocals bag. The vocals have that youthful sound (who first sounded like that? Green Day?). The songs are well turned. The arrangements and musicality of the band are right there with their own personal flourishes.

They sound like something the young folks will grab onto. We adults can appreciate them too because it's not garbage. The lead vocal style is emotional and it took me a few listens to get on that wavelength. It's music that affirms that rock has not died. No more than any other music outside the direct pop-pop-plopping perpetual motion-in-stagnation machine.

So it's good for the new young folks rocking to their own internal time sense and musical consciousness. It's good. They are good. We are good.

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