Monday, June 11, 2012

Rose Tattoo Live in 1993 From Boggo Road Jail

As a companion piece to the set played by the Divinyls (see May posting), Rose Tattoo hits the stage stomping it at the Boggo Road Jail for a set of hard Australian rock, 1993 style (Umbrella Music DVD/MVD Visual 5364D). It has the in-your-faceness of post-Stooges hard-drive crashing badness. Or that's how I hear it.

Angry Anderson's energetic stage presence and blues-scream vocals put it all together and the band bangs away at it in the fashion of hard blues-primal rocking. For all its excesses, the rock scene then was beyond commercial, which is more than you can say for some of the crap that hits the airwaves today. These guys may not be musical innovators. But they play hard and they mean it.

So the music is loud, the visuals work, and here it is, one of the best Australian rock bands of the era going at it for an hour. Why the hell not?


  1. Actually I'm not into loud music because it just means headache for me. Although I welcome their music and I would check it.
    Please check also my friend tim jones in Spokane and his band.

  2. Hi Cherry,
    Headaches are not something that goes with music, so I cannot blame you! I find I listen to music at a lower volume at home than I used to. And I really don't like a live situation where the ears start ringing. I'd be happy to listen to Tim Jones and his music. My email address is gapplegate5atyahoo dot com if he would like to get a download or physical copy for me to listen to and possibly review. Thanks!