Thursday, June 7, 2012

Matta Gawa, Tambora

Avant psychedelic metal? Free rock? Matta Gawa does that. It's Ed Ricart on very electric guitar and Sam Lohman at the drums. Their second full-length album Tambora (New Atlantis) continues where the first left off, with barrages of guitar power, effects-laden, voltage drenched tirades of skillful and smart amperage, punctuated by all-over drumming that brings the controlled chaos into the clear channel of musical mind-blow.

Take the two-minutes of true outness of long psychedelic band jams from the classic era and use that as the basis for your musical existence. That in many ways is what Matta Gawa is about.

Such freedom requires much creativity and discipline. The fact that the music hangs together convincingly and in exciting ways shows that Ricart and Lohman have it.

The audience for this music is probably in part self-selecting. Those that might like this sort of thing, do, assuming they get the word. Here is the word...

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