Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brick and Mortar and Love, A Trust Gang Film, DVD

Brick and Mortar and Love (MVD Visual 5697D) is all about the rise and fall of a record store. Since Record Store Day was this past Saturday, I thought it would be apt to get a review in this week.

X-tacy Records, a Louisville, Kentucky institution for a quarter of a century, is the focal point of the story. But of course it applies to all independent record stores today.

The film covers what the store meant to music aficionados, local artists, plain folks or not-so-plain.

The story covers the origin of the store, the people who worked and went there, its function as community center, gathering place for music lovers, live venue, indie music outlet, and local music promoter.

As a product of the rise of internet sales, downloads and economic downturn the store comes on tough times. The story is all about how they try and stay alive.

It's an object lesson I suppose for anyone in a similar position (as I was), and why it is important that we keep these institutions going.

The film tells a tragic tale in the end. It's well done.

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