Friday, April 5, 2013

Cheatahs, Extended Plays EP

Cheatahs? Yes! Here's a band that has that wonderful sense of vocal melody and chord progression, who do a hard hitting lyrical yet advanced rock thing, a new Sonic Youth of sorts, an REM'd gift for presence, a beautiful wall-of-sound-sound.

I speak of their EP Extended Plays (Wichita Recordings). They are England-based and this release is a combo of a couple of mini-EPS out for a while in the UK. They are in the middle of touring the States right as I write this so look out for them.

It's just a band and a set that has it. Four guys with the guitars, bass, drums, voices and some really good hard-joy songs....with the knack!

I would recommend that you track this down if you like hard tunefulness.


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