Friday, April 5, 2013

Scott Healy-Glenn Alexander Quartet, Northern Light

How is it that 20 years go by and a session that was well worth hearing in 1991 or so doesn't see the light of day until now? It happens. Such is the case with the Scott Healy-Glenn Alexander Quartet's Northern Light (Hudson City), just out now after a lengthy wait in the can.

The album gives us composed rubato tonal melodics in a sort of post-Methany lyrical mode. Scott Healy mans the piano and synthesizers, Glenn Alexander plies the guitar, Kermit Driscoll gets into the acoustic bass and Jeff Hirshfield gives the music solid foundations on drums.

Everybody sounds good, the tunes are quite pleasing, and the improvising fits right in with the style parameters they set for themselves.

It's as good a run at this sort of jazz as anything that came out at the time. Guitar fans will no doubt love what Glenn is doing but it's a very good effort from everybody.

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