Monday, August 12, 2013

Melvin Taylor, Taylor Made

Guitarist Melvin Taylor comes at us with a 24-minute EP Taylor Made (Melvin Taylor Productions) and it's a pretty fine thing, to me anyway.

What we have is Melvin blazing and finessing through a short set of blues, funk and contemporary soul-jazz with a small group--organ, bass, drums, etc. Melvin sings one and sounds fine and Bernell Anderson sings another and that's cool too. The rest is instrumental doings and the main attraction is the Melvin Taylor guitar--which has a bluesy soulfulness, some electricity and the right feel. It sometimes crosses into organ trio territory, and there are jazzy elements but mostly it comes through when Melvin get's into a bluesy thing.

If he keeps hitting it, maybe tunes even more into the soul blues next time, we're gonna be there!

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