Friday, July 10, 2015

Charlie Rauh, Innocent Speller

Guitarist Charlie Rauh did some notable work in duet with violinist-vocalist Concetta Abbate that I covered here (do search in top box for those). Now he steps ahead on his own for some very memorable composition-improvisations on his new EP Innocent Speller (Composers Concordance 0024). It's Charlie out front with some beautiful playing, aided by Jake Thro on electric bass, cello and electric piano and Robin Rauh on pedal steel.

The music has a sort of lyrical, post-ECM presence. Six pieces give us music with a special harmonic-melodic flourish that brings out Charlie's magic touch. There is an introspective element that sets the music apart, with spacious sound-staging focusing on the crystalline guitar sound. The atmospheric mood sustains us throughout. There is beauty here, great beauty.

This may at first remind you of other things but then in time asserts its special identity.

Gorgeous music, very well played. Hear it!

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