Tuesday, July 21, 2015

IZZ, Everlasting Instant

IZZ? Well, yes, IZZ. It's an alt-prog rock, song centered outfit that gives us some excellently arranged, very memorable music in the third part of their thematic trilogy, Everlasting Instant (Doone 12-669563). Tom Galgano, keyboardist and one of the principal lead vocalists, heads up the ensemble and takes up production duties with a flair here.

Along with Tom are co-vocalists Anmarie Byrnes and Laura Meade. John Galgano plays bass, some guitar and shares in the vocal duties. The songs set up the need for expressive vocalizations and IZZ comes through. But it's also the sort of music that extends a prog-alt instrumental virtuosity in original ways, so there is good work from Paul Bremner on electric guitar, the drumming of Brian Coralian and Greg DiMiceli, and the keys and bass of Tom and John. They have varied roles to play according to the song at hand. It is together, sophisticated prog that excels in avoiding the cliches of the style, not hearkening back so much as moving forward.

This is moody song fare that manages to innovate within a well-worn path, so much so that the ground shifts a bit underneath your musical feet.

If you dig the progressive arts and/or alt rock, this one is for you! Nicely done. Bravo.

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