Monday, July 20, 2015

Lucia Comnes, Love. Songs & Tyranny

If Lucia Comnes makes music that doesn't fit my usual avenues of listening, I nevertheless find her album Love, Songs & Tyranny (Delfina DR384-LC07) of interest. She is a country rock singer-songwriter who vocalizes well, plays characteristic fiddle and guitar and puts her songs across directly and effectively.

I like the thrust of this one. I cannot say that it is an exemplar of virtuoso guitar work. It isn't. She plays the fiddle more than the guitar and perhaps is the better on that instrument. But this one is not about chops. It's about songs, though the instrumental backing is consistently good.

And the songs have substance, stay in the mind.

I find on repeated listens that there are some definitely nice things to hear on this one.

So if you like some tuneful stuff, here it is.

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