Thursday, October 7, 2010

Azure Ray's New One Gives You Music to Dream On

Azure Ray do a dreamy kind of indie pop-rock. It's two female singers with lovely voices. Their new Drawing Down the Moon (Saddle Creek 104) invites you to listen to their 12 originals, all of which have a certain ring to them.

They harmonize well together, almost like a modern day female Everly Brothers in the natural fit of their voices. Don't expect "Wake Up Suzie" though; this music has the "lost-in-a-long dark-tunnel and follow-the-siren-voices" feel to it. "Make Your Heart" has a wall-of-sound fullness to it that reminds me vaguely of things I've liked but it's their own thing, modal, drone-ish.

Azure Ray appeal directly with straightforward songs and mellow arrangements. You want to chill, this will do it.

Here's a link to a free download of their new single:

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