Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Land of Talk Returns with "Cloak and Cipher"

Land of Talk has a way about them that makes me appreciate what they are doing. Their newest album Cloak and Cipher (Saddle Creek) finds them continuing along the lines of their previous ones, which is a good thing. We're talking about an indie rock band from Montreal. Elizabeth Powell sings the lead vocals and she is someone that can take over where Chrissie Hynde left off. Elizabeth has style and projects a kind of uncertainty about life that I like. And the band (including Elizabeth) has a post-Sonic Youth way. They seem to be tuning their guitars in a non-standard way, at least the rhythm guitar, and it gives them some nice drone-chord sounds. They have an edge and are nevertheless tuneful. That's cool with me.

Cloak and Cipher continues the underground momentum they have underway with more strong songs and the band sound in its full glory. They are in their fourth year as a band and stronger than ever. If you like some lyricism with definite drive, I think you'd be well served by Cloak and Cipher. I'm routing for them!

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