Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Le Trio Joubran, "A l'ombre des mots"

For their third release the exceptionally creative oud trio Le Trio Joubran turn to a live setting and a tribute to poet Mahmoud Darwich (World Village 479036). It's the trio joined by a versatile and sensitive percussion exponent as in the last CD, plus long segments of Mahmoud Darwich reciting his poetry in Arabic, alternating with or accompanied by the trio. Many of the musical numbers have appeared on the two previous albums, but the live situation and the strong feeling engendered by the tribute bring out a shade more vivacity and strength to the renditions.

A bonus DVD gives you that same concert program with the accompanying video images of the group and Mr. Darwich. If you do not know Arabic (like me) there are French subtitles translating the poems as they are recited. The DVD gives you the entire concert experience.

The music once again is on the highest levels. There is a fair amount of the recitation as well however, and that can be a drawback if you do not understand it. Evidently it is a very moving tribute to the poet, who appears to have passed away sometime before this concert was performed.

Regardless A l'ombre des mots (The Shadow of the Words) gives further opportunities to appreciate the trio as extraordinary artists. For that I am certainly glad to have this one to hear again. As a first exposure to the ensemble, it might be better to start with Majaz (see previous blog entry). Either way, there is a depth to their music that is profound and moving.

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