Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Band Called Future of the Left

I naturally do not know the future of anything much at this time. So if a band calls itself Future of the Left, I cover them if the music is worth talking about. Their lyrics tend towards the punk/in your face sort of thing, which means in this case however they feel about the left, right, or anything else is not entirely clear. No matter, really. The fact is they are making an ambiguous statement in the manner of prosaic-poetic lyric-meistering. That's totally cool.

And the music is what we are about here. So Travels with Myself and Another (4AD 2913), released a year ago, gives Future of the Left a decent showcase and we have a few listens. The lead vocalist is punkoid. The music in the alt indie corner and it has some metallic edginess to it much of the time. The music is musical. There are some interesting riffs, some definite song forms and the ensemble is good. There are a few odd meters. Cuts are pretty short.

I'd say this should appeal to those looking for some music with hair on it. What it stands for I am not sure, but it doesn't sound like they are pro-Nazi or anything like that. It's excellent hard indie. You like that, maybe you should get.

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